Proceedings of the LREC2020 Industry Track

Khalid Choukri, ELRA, France
Bente Maegaard, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Nicoletta Calzolari, ILC, Italy

pdf bib Papers pages
pdf bib Spoken Medical Prescription Acquisition Through a Dialogue System on Smartphone: Perspective of a Healthcare Software Company
Ali Can Kocabiyikoglu, François Portet, Jean-Marc Babouchkine and Hervé Blanchon
pp. 1‑5
pdf bib Promises and Disappointments of Semantic Analysis of Speech-To-Text Applied to Call Center Conversations in an Industrial Setting
Ruslan Kalitvianski, Emmanuelle Dusserre and Muntsa Padró
pp. 6‑9
pdf bib Industrial ASR Troubleshooting Tool
Andrzej Jeziorski, Filip Sawicki, Oleksandr Solop, Michal Junczyk, Marcin Sikora and Tomasz Zietkiewicz
pp. 10‑14
pdf bib Measuring the Polarity of Conversations between Chatbots and Humans: a use Case in the Banking Sector
Guillaume Le Noé-Bienvenu, Damien Nouvel and Djamel Mostefa
pp. 15‑20
pdf bib On the Importance of Text Classification Pipeline Components for Practical Applications: A Case Study
Andrej Švec, Katarína Benešová and Marek Suppa
pp. 21‑25
pdf bib Hybrid Tagger - An Industry-driven Solution for Extreme Multi-label Text Classification
Kristiina Vaik, Marit Asula and Raul Sirel
pp. 26‑30
pdf bib Industrial Machine Translation System for Automotive Domain
Maria Sukhareva, Olgierd Grodzki and Bernhard Pflugfelder
pp. 31‑35
pdf bib NERPy: A Framework for Named Entity Recognition Experiments
Constantine Lignos
pp. 36‑39

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