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Proceedings of the The 4th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Code Switching

ISBN: 979-10-95546-66-5
EAN: 9791095546665

List of Papers

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pdf bib An Annotated Corpus of Emerging Anglicisms in Spanish Newspaper Headlines
Elena Alvarez-Mellado
pp. 1‑8
pdf bib A New Dataset for Natural Language Inference from Code-mixed Conversations
Simran Khanuja, Sandipan Dandapat, Sunayana Sitaram and Monojit Choudhury
pp. 9‑16
pdf bib When is Multi-task Learning Beneficial for Low-Resource Noisy Code-switched User-generated Algerian Texts?
Wafia Adouane and Jean-Philippe Bernardy
pp. 17‑25
pdf bib Evaluating Word Embeddings for Indonesian–English Code-Mixed Text Based on Synthetic Data
Arra’Di Nur Rizal and Sara Stymne
pp. 26‑35
pdf bib Understanding Script-Mixing: A Case Study of Hindi-English Bilingual Twitter Users
Abhishek Srivastava, Kalika Bali and Monojit Choudhury
pp. 36‑44
pdf bib Sentiment Analysis for Hinglish Code-mixed Tweets by means of Cross-lingual Word Embeddings
Pranaydeep Singh and Els Lefever
pp. 45‑51
pdf bib Semi-supervised acoustic and language model training for English-isiZulu code-switched speech recognition
Astik Biswas, Febe De Wet, Ewald Van der westhuizen and Thomas Niesler
pp. 52‑56
pdf bib Code-mixed parse trees and how to find them
Anirudh Srinivasan, Sandipan Dandapat and Monojit Choudhury
pp. 57‑64
pdf bib Towards an Efficient Code-Mixed Grapheme-to-Phoneme Conversion in an Agglutinative Language: A Case Study on To-Korean Transliteration
Won Ik Cho, Seok Min Kim and Nam Soo Kim
pp. 65‑70

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