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Workshop on Games and Natural Language Processing

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 Creating a Sentiment Lexicon with Game-Specific Words for Analyzing NPC Dialogue in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Thérèse Bergsma, Judith van Stegeren and Mariët Theune
 ClueMeIn: Obtaining More Specific Image Labels Through a Game
Christopher Harris
 Cipher: A Prototype Game-with-a-Purpose for Detecting Errors in Text
Liang Xu and Jon Chamberlain
 Game Design Evaluation of GWAPs for Collecting Word Associations
Mathieu Lafourcade and Le Brun Nathalie
 The Challenge of the TV game La Ghigliottina to NLP
Federico Sangati, Antonio Pascucci and Johanna Monti
 A 3D Role-Playing Game for Abusive Language Annotation
Federico Bonetti and Sara Tonelli
 Designing a GWAP for Collecting Naturally Produced Dialogues for Low Resourced Languages
Zulipiye Yusupujiang and Jonathan Ginzburg
 CALLIG: Computer Assisted Language Learning using Improvisation Games
Luís Morgado da Costa and Joanna Ut-Seong Sio
 Bringing Roguelikes to Visually-Impaired Players by Using NLP
Jesús Vilares, Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez, Luís Fernández-Núñez, Darío Penas and Jorge Viteri
 Demonstration of a Serious Game for Spoken Language Experiments - GDX
Daniel Duran and Natalie Lewandowski
 Aggregation Driven Progression System for GWAPs
Osman Doruk Kicikoglu, Richard Bartle, Jon Chamberlain, Silviu Paun and Massimo Poesio
 Automatic Annotation of Werewolf Game Corpus with Players Revealing Oneselves as Seer/Medium and Divination/Medium Results
Youchao Lin, Miho Kasamatsu, Tengyang Chen, Takuya Fujita, Huanjin Deng and Takehito Utsuro