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MEDAR Grants for students from Arabic countries


The Grants have been awarded to the following students:

  • Iskander Keskes, Sfax University, Tunisia
  • Naim Terbeh, Monastir University, Tunisia
  • Sadik Bessou, Computer Science Departement, Faculty of Science, Ferhat Abbas University – Sétif-Algeria
  • Assem Chelli,
  • Rim Koulali, Mohammed I University Morocco
  • Ibrahim Saleh, Cairo Univerisity, Egypt
  • Mohamed Mahdi Boudabous, MIRACL, Sfax University, Tunisia

The MEDAR Consortium (involved in MEDAR and NEMLAR Projects on “Mediterranean Arabic Language and Speech Technology”, completed with the support by the European Commission), is awarding grants for students to attend the 8th edition of the International conference LREC taking place in Istanbul on May 21 to 27, 2012.

Each grant will cover the registration fees and support part of the travel and accommodation expenses.

At the time of the application, applicants must be enrolled as Master’s or Ph.D students at a University in an Arabic country.

To apply for a grant, send a message to [E-mail] no later then April 23, 2012 with:

  • a 1 or 2-page document describing your current activities (Ph.D/Master’s thesis focus, status) and how they relate to NLP domain;
  • a cover letter justifying your application to attend LREC, and references;
  • a copy of your current student id and/or letter from your supervisor.

The applications will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis and notifications will be sent accordingly.

Update Monday 30 April 2012
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