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1st Workshop on Tools and Resources to Empower People with REAding DIfficulties (READI)

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Monday, May 11, 2020

 9:00–9:10 Welcoming the participants, introduction
 9:10–9:40 Invited Speaker
9:10–9:40Tools and services for text adaptation
Arne Jönsson
9:40–12:15Disambiguating Confusion Sets as an Aid for Dyslexic Spelling
Steinunn Rut Friðriksdóttir and Anton Karl Ingason
9:40–12:15Is it simpler? An Evaluation of an Aligned Corpus of Standard-Simple Sentences
Evelina Rennes
9:40–12:15Incorporating Multiword Expressions in Phrase Complexity Estimation
Sian Gooding, Shiva Taslimipoor and Ekaterina Kochmar
9:40–12:15Automatically Assess Children’s Reading Skills
Ornella Mich, Nadia Mana, Roberto Gretter, Marco Matassoni and Daniele Falavigna
9:40–12:15Text Simplification to Help Individuals with Low Vision Read More Fluently
Lauren Sauvan, Natacha Stolowy, Carlos Aguilar, Thomas François, Núria Gala, Frédéric Matonti, Eric Castet and Aurélie Calabrèse
12:15–13:00Identifying Abstract and Concrete Words in French to Better Address Reading Difficulties
Daria Goriachun and Núria Gala
12:15–13:00Benchmarking Data-driven Automatic Text Simplification for German
Andreas Säuberli, Sarah Ebling and Martin Volk
12:15–13:00Visualizing Facets of Text Complexity across Registers
Marina Santini, Arne Jonsson and Evelina Rennes
12:15–13:00CompLex — A New Corpus for Lexical Complexity Predicition from LikertScale Data.
Matthew Shardlow, Marcos Zampieri and Michael Cooper
12:15–13:00LagunTest: A NLP Based Application to Enhance Reading Comprehension
Kepa Bengoetxea, Itziar Gonzalez-Dios and Amaia Aguirregoitia
12:15–13:00A Lexical Simplification Tool for Promoting Health Literacy
Leonardo Zilio, Liana Braga Paraguassu, Luis Antonio Leiva Hercules, Gabriel Ponomarenko, Laura Berwanger and Maria José Bocorny Finatto
12:15–13:00A multi-lingual and cross-domain analysis of features for text simplification
Regina Stodden and Laura Kallmeyer
12:15–13:00Combining Expert Knowledge with Frequency Information to Infer CEFR Levels for Words
Alice Pintard and Thomas François
12:15–13:00Coreference-Based Text Simplification
Rodrigo Wilkens, Bruno Oberle and Amalia Todirascu