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Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Computational Terminology

ISBN: 979-10-95546-57-3
EAN: 9791095546573

List of Papers

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pdf bib Automatic Term Extraction from Newspaper Corpora: Making the Most of Specificity and Common Features
Patrick Drouin, Jean-Benoît Morel and Marie-Claude L’ Homme
pp. 1‑7
pdf bib TermPortal: A Workbench for Automatic Term Extraction from Icelandic Texts
Steinþór Steingrímsson, Ágústa Þorbergsdóttir, Hjalti Danielsson and Gunnar Thor Ornolfsson
pp. 8‑16
pdf bib Translating Knowledge Representations with Monolingual Word Embeddings: the Case of a Thesaurus on Corporate Non-Financial Reporting
Martín Quesada Zaragoza, Lianet Sepúlveda Torres and Jérôme Basdevant
pp. 17‑25
pdf bib Which Dependency Parser to Use for Distributional Semantics in a Specialized Domain?
Pauline Brunet, Olivier Ferret and Ludovic Tanguy
pp. 26‑36
pdf bib Leveraging the Inherent Hierarchy of Vacancy Titles for Automated Job Ontology Expansion
Jeroen Van Hautte, Vincent Schelstraete and Mikaël Wornoo
pp. 37‑42
pdf bib Terminology in Written Medical Reports: A Proposal of Text Enrichment to Favour its Comprehension by the Patient
Rosa Estopà, Alejandra López-Fuentes and Jorge M. Porras-Garzon
pp. 43‑49
pdf bib A study of semantic projection from single word terms to multi-word terms in the environment domain
Yizhe WANG, Beatrice Daille and Nabil Hathout
pp. 50‑54
pdf bib The NetViz terminology visualization tool and the use cases in karstology domain modeling
Senja Pollak, Vid Podpečan, Dragana Miljkovic, Uroš Stepišnik and Špela Vintar
pp. 55‑61
pdf bib Towards Automatic Thesaurus Construction and Enrichment.
Amir Hazem, Beatrice Daille and Lanza Claudia
pp. 62‑71
pdf bib Supporting terminology extraction with dependency parses
Malgorzata Marciniak, Piotr Rychlik and Agnieszka Mykowiecka
pp. 72‑79
pdf bib Computational Aspects of Frame-based Meaning Representation in Terminology
Laura Giacomini and Johannes Schäfer
pp. 80‑84
pdf bib TermEval 2020: Shared Task on Automatic Term Extraction Using the Annotated Corpora for Term Extraction Research (ACTER) Dataset
Ayla Rigouts Terryn, Veronique Hoste, Patrick Drouin and Els Lefever
pp. 85‑94
pdf bib TermEval 2020: TALN-LS2N System for Automatic Term Extraction
Amir Hazem, Mérieme Bouhandi, Florian Boudin and Beatrice Daille
pp. 95‑100
pdf bib TermEval 2020: RACAI’s automatic term extraction system
Vasile Pais and Radu Ion
pp. 101‑105
pdf bib TermEval 2020: Using TSR Filtering Method to Improve Automatic Term Extraction
Antoni Oliver and Mercè Vàzquez
pp. 106‑113

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