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Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Challenges in the Management of Large Corpora

ISBN: 979-10-95546-61-0
EAN: 9791095546610

List of Papers

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pdf bib Addressing Cha(lle)nges in Long-Term Archiving of Large Corpora
Denis Arnold, Bernhard Fisseni, Pawel Kamocki, Oliver Schonefeld, Marc Kupietz and Thomas Schmidt
pp. 1‑9
pdf bib Evaluating a Dependency Parser on DeReKo
Peter Fankhauser, Bich-Ngoc Do and Marc Kupietz
pp. 10‑14
pdf bib French Contextualized Word-Embeddings with a sip of CaBeRnet: a New French Balanced Reference Corpus
Murielle Popa-Fabre, Pedro Javier Ortiz Suárez, Benoît Sagot and Éric de la Clergerie
pp. 15‑23
pdf bib Geoparsing the historical Gazetteers of Scotland: accurately computing location in mass digitised texts
Rosa Filgueira, Claire Grover, Melissa Terras and Beatrice Alex
pp. 24‑30
pdf bib The Corpus Query Middleware of Tomorrow – A Proposal for a Hybrid Corpus Query Architecture
Markus Gärtner
pp. 31‑39
pdf bib Using full text indices for querying spoken language data
Elena Frick and Thomas Schmidt
pp. 40‑46
pdf bib Challenges for Making Use of a Large Text Corpus such as the ‘AAC – Austrian Academy Corpus’ for Digital Literary Studies
Hanno Biber
pp. 47‑51
pdf bib Czech National Corpus in 2020: Recent Developments and Future Outlook
Michal Kren
pp. 52‑57
pdf bib Adding a Syntactic Annotation Level to the Corpus of Contemporary Romanian Language
Andrei Scutelnicu, Catalina Maranduc and Dan Cristea
pp. 58‑62

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