Summary of the paper

Title A Framework for Cross-lingual/Node-wise Alignment of Lexical-Semantic Resources
Authors Yoshihiko Hayashi
Abstract Given lexical-semantic resources in different languages, it is useful to establish cross-lingual correspondences, preferably with semantic relation labels, between the concept nodes in these resources. This paper presents a framework for enabling a cross-lingual/node-wise alignment of lexical-semantic resources, where cross-lingual correspondence candidates are first discovered and ranked, and then classified by a succeeding module. Indeed, we propose that a two-tier classifier configuration is feasible for the second module: the first classifier filters out possibly irrelevant correspondence candidates and the second classifier assigns a relatively fine-grained semantic relation label to each of the surviving candidates. The results of Japanese-to-English alignment experiments using EDR Electronic Dictionary and Princeton WordNet are described to exemplify the validity of the proposal.
Topics Lexicon, Lexical Database, Semantics, Ontologies
Full paper A Framework for Cross-lingual/Node-wise Alignment of Lexical-Semantic Resources
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