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Title GernEdiT - The GermaNet Editing Tool
Authors Verena Henrich and Erhard Hinrichs
Abstract This paper introduces GernEdiT (short for: GermaNet Editing Tool), a new graphical user interface for the lexicographers and developers of GermaNet, the German version of the Princeton WordNet. GermaNet is a lexical-semantic net that relates German nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Traditionally, lexicographic work for extending the coverage of GermaNet utilized the Princeton WordNet development environment of lexicographer files. Due to a complex data format and no opportunity of automatic consistency checks, this process was very error prone and time consuming. The GermaNet Editing Tool GernEdiT was developed to overcome these shortcomings. The main purposes of the GernEdiT tool are, besides supporting lexicographers to access, modify, and extend GermaNet data in an easy and adaptive way, as follows: Replace the standard editing tools by a more user-friendly tool, use a relational database as data storage, support export formats in the form of XML, and facilitate internal consistency and correctness of the linguistic resource. All these core functionalities of GernEdiT along with the main aspects of the underlying lexical resource GermaNet and its current database format are presented in this paper.
Topics Tools, systems, applications, Lexicon, lexical database, Ontologies
Full paper GernEdiT - The GermaNet Editing Tool
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