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LREC 2022

Proceedings of the Workshop on Smiling and Laughter across Contexts and the Life-span within the 13th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference

ISBN: 979-10-95546-97-9
EAN: 9791095546979

List of Papers

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pdf bib Papers pages
pdf bib Toward a Semi-Automated Scoping Review of Virtual Human Smiles
Sharon Mozgai, Jade Winn, Cari Kaurloto, Andrew Leeds, Dirk Heylen and Arno Hartholt
pp. 1‑5
pdf bib Are You Smiling When I Am Speaking?
Auriane Boudin, Roxane Bertrand, Magalie Ochs, Philippe Blache and Stephane Rauzy
pp. 6‑10
pdf bib Gender Differences, Smiling, and Economic Negotiation Outcomes
Paulina Hiersch, Gary McKeown, Ioana Latu and Magdalena Rychlowska
pp. 11‑15
pdf bib A Measure of the Smiling Synchrony in the Conversational Face-to-face Interaction Corpus PACO-CHEESE
Stéphane Rauzy, Mary AMOYAL and Béatrice Priego-Valverde
pp. 16‑20
pdf bib Analysis of Co-Laughter Gesture Relationship on RGB Videos in Dyadic Conversation Context
Hugo Bohy, Ahmad Hammoudeh, Antoine Maiorca, Stéphane Dupont and Thierry Dutoit
pp. 21‑25
pdf bib You Make Me Laugh! Friends, Strangers and Neurodiversity
Ceci Cai, Lucie Vigreux, Manying Chiu, Bangjie Wang, Alexis Macintyre, Sarah White and Sophie Scott
pp. 26‑26
pdf bib Intergroup Bias in Smile Discrimination in Autism
Ruihan Wu, Antonia Hamilton and Sarah White
pp. 27‑27
pdf bib Inhalation Noises as Endings of Laughs in Conversational Speech
Jürgen Trouvain, Raphael Werner and Khiet Truong
pp. 28‑29
pdf bib Are There Any Body-movement Differences between Women and Men When They Laugh?
Ahmad Hammoudeh, Antoine Maiorca, Stéphane Dupont and Thierry Dutoit
pp. 30‑31
pdf bib Laughter During Cooperative and Competitive Games
Magdalena Rychlowska, Gary McKeown, Ian Sneddon and William Curran
pp. 32‑34

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