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Proceedings of the Workshop on Challenges in the Management of Large Corpora (CMLC-10)

ISBN: 979-10-95546-83-2
EAN: 9791095546832

List of Papers

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pdf bib Papers pages
pdf bib Challenges in Creating a Representative Corpus of Romanian Micro-Blogging Text
Vasile Pais, Maria Mitrofan, Verginica Barbu Mititelu, Elena Irimia, Roxana Micu and Carol Luca Gasan
pp. 1‑7
pdf bib Exhaustive Indexing of PubMed Records with Medical Subject Headings
Modest von Korff
pp. 8‑15
pdf bib UDeasy: a Tool for Querying Treebanks in CoNLL-U Format
Luca Brigada Villa
pp. 16‑19
pdf bib Matrix and Double-Array Representations for Efficient Finite State Tokenization
Nils Diewald
pp. 20‑26
pdf bib Count-Based and Predictive Language Models for Exploring DeReKo
Peter Fankhauser and Marc Kupietz
pp. 27‑31
pdf bib “The word expired when that world awoke.” New Challenges for Research with Large Text Corpora and Corpus-Based Discourse Studies in Totalitarian Times
Hanno Biber
pp. 32‑35

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