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Proceedings of the International FrameNet Workshop 2020: Towards a Global, Multilingual FrameNet

ISBN: 979-10-95546-58-0
EAN: 9791095546580

List of Papers

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pdf bib Beyond lexical semantics: notes on pragmatic frames
Oliver Czulo, Alexander Ziem and Tiago Timponi Torrent
pp. 1‑7
pdf bib Finding Corresponding Constructions in English and Japanese in a TED Talk Parallel Corpus using Frames-and-Constructions Analysis
Kyoko Ohara
pp. 8‑12
pdf bib Towards Reference-Aware FrameNet Annotation
Levi Remijnse and Gosse Minnema
pp. 13‑22
pdf bib Frame-Based Annotation of Multimodal Corpora: Tracking (A)Synchronies in Meaning Construction
Frederico Belcavello, Marcelo Viridiano, Alexandre Diniz da Costa, Ely Matos and Tiago Timponi Torrent
pp. 23‑30
pdf bib Combining Conceptual and Referential Annotation to Study Variation in Framing
Marten Postma, Levi Remijnse, Filip Ilievski, Antske Fokkens, Sam Titarsolej and Piek Vossen
pp. 31‑40
pdf bib FrameNet Annotations Alignment using Attention-based Machine Translation
Gabriel Marzinotto
pp. 41‑47
pdf bib Greek within the Global FrameNet Initiative: Challenges and Conclusions so far
Voula Giouli, Vera Pilitsidou and Hephaestion Christopoulos
pp. 48‑55
pdf bib Using Verb Frames for Text Difficulty Assessment
John Lee, Meichun Liu and Tianyuan Cai
pp. 56‑62
pdf bib Deriving a PropBank Corpus from Parallel FrameNet and UD Corpora
Normunds Gruzitis, Roberts Darģis, Laura Rituma, Gunta Nešpore-Bērzkalne and Baiba Saulite
pp. 63‑69
pdf bib Building the Emirati Arabic FrameNet
Andrew Gargett and Tommi Leung
pp. 70‑76
pdf bib Exploring Crosslinguistic Frame Alignment
Collin Baker and Arthur Lorenzi
pp. 77‑84
pdf bib Building Multilingual Specialized Resources Based on FrameNet: Application to the Field of the Environment
Marie-Claude L’ Homme, Benoît Robichaud and Carlos Subirats
pp. 85‑92

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