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Proceedings of the LREC 2020 Workshop on "Citizen Linguistics in Language Resource Development"

ISBN: 979-10-95546-59-7
EAN: 9791095546597

List of Papers

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pdf bib Papers pages
pdf bib LanguageARC: Developing Language Resources Through Citizen Linguistics
James Fiumara, Christopher Cieri, Jonathan Wright and Mark Liberman
pp. 1‑6
pdf bib Developing Language Resources with Citizen Linguistics in Austria – A Case Study
Barbara Heinisch
pp. 7‑14
pdf bib Objective Assessment of Subjective Tasks in Crowdsourcing Applications
Giannis Haralabopoulos, Myron Tsikandilakis, Mercedes Torres Torres and Derek McAuley
pp. 15‑25
pdf bib Speaking Outside the Box: Exploring the Benefits of Unconstrained Input in Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science Platforms
Jon Chamberlain, Udo Kruschwitz and Massimo Poesio
pp. 26‑34
pdf bib Leveraging Non-Specialists for Accurate and Time Efficient AMR Annotation
Mary Martin, Cecilia Mauceri, Martha Palmer and Christoffer Heckman
pp. 35‑39
pdf bib The INCOMSLAV Platform: Experimental Website with Integrated Methods for Measuring Linguistic Distances and Asymmetries in Receptive Multilingualism
Irina Stenger, Klara Jagrova and Tania Avgustinova
pp. 40‑48
pdf bib Identifications of Speaker Ethnicity in South-East England: Multicultural London English as a Divisible Perceptual Variety
Amanda Cole
pp. 49‑57
pdf bib LanguageARC - a tutorial
Christopher Cieri and James Fiumara
pp. 58‑64

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