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Proceedings of the LREC 2020 Workshop on Multimodal Wordnets (MMW2020)

ISBN: 979-10-95546-41-2
EAN: 9791095546412

List of Papers

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pdf bib Towards modelling SUMO attributes through WordNet adjectives: a Case Study on Qualities
Itziar Gonzalez-Dios, Javier Alvez and German Rigau
pp. 1‑6
pdf bib Incorporating Localised Context in Wordnet for Indic Languages
Soumya Mohapatra, Shikhar Agnihotri, Apar Garg, Praveen Shah and Shampa Chakraverty
pp. 7‑13
pdf bib English WordNet 2020: Improving and Extending a WordNet for English using an Open-Source Methodology
John Philip McCrae, Alexandre Rademaker, Ewa Rudnicka and Francis Bond
pp. 14‑19
pdf bib Exploring the Enrichment of Basque WordNet with a Sentiment Lexicon
Itziar Gonzalez-Dios and Jon Alkorta
pp. 20‑24
pdf bib Wordnet As a Backbone of Domain and Application Conceptualizations in Systems with Multimodal Data
Jacek Marciniak
pp. 25‑32
pdf bib Inclusion of Lithological terms (rocks and minerals) in The Open Wordnet for English
Alexandre Tessarollo and Alexandre Rademaker
pp. 33‑38
pdf bib Adding Pronunciation Information to Wordnets
Thierry Declerck, Lenka Bajcetic and Melanie Siegel
pp. 39‑44

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