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16th Joint ACL - ISO Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation PROCEEDINGS

ISBN: 979-10-95546-48-1
EAN: 9791095546481

List of Papers

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pdf bib Annotation of Quantification: The Current State of ISO 24617-12
Harry Bunt
pp. 1‑12
pdf bib Hindi TimeBank: An ISO-TimeML Annotated Reference Corpus
Pranav Goel, Suhan Prabhu, Alok Debnath, Priyank Modi and Manish Shrivastava
pp. 13‑21
pdf bib Interoperable Semantic Annotation
Lars Hellan
pp. 22‑31
pdf bib Transfer of ISOSpace into a 3D Environment for Annotations and Applications
Alexander Henlein, Giuseppe Abrami, Attila Kett and Alexander Mehler
pp. 32‑35
pdf bib Annotation-based Semantics
Kiyong Lee
pp. 36‑48
pdf bib Annotating Croatian Semantic Type Coercions in CROATPAS
Costanza Marini and Elisabetta Jezek
pp. 49‑58
pdf bib A Consolidated Dataset for Knowledge-based Question Generation using Predicate Mapping of Linked Data
Johanna Melly, Gabriel Luthier and Andrei Popescu-Belis
pp. 59‑66
pdf bib The Annotation of Thematic Structure and Alternations face to the Semantic Variation of Action Verbs. Current Trends in the IMAGACT Ontology
Massimo Moneglia and Rossella Varvara
pp. 67‑74
pdf bib Adapting the ISO 24617-2 Dialogue Act Annotation Scheme for Modelling Medical Consultations
Volha Petukhova and Harry Bunt
pp. 75‑87
pdf bib Detection and Annotation of Events in Kannada
Suhan Prabhu, Ujwal Narayan, Alok Debnath, Sumukh S and Manish Shrivastava
pp. 88‑93
pdf bib Towards the Ontologization of the Outsider Art Domain: Position Paper
John Roberto and Brian Davis
pp. 94‑101
pdf bib Towards Creating Interoperable Resources for Conceptual Annotation of Multilingual Domain Corpora
Svetlana Sheremetyeva
pp. 102‑109

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