Summary of the paper

Title Incorporating Semantic Attention in Video Description Generation
Authors Natsuda Laokulrat, Naoaki Okazaki and Hideki Nakayama
Abstract Automatically generating video description is one of the approaches to enable computers to deeply understand videos, which can have a great impact and can be useful to many other applications. However, generated descriptions by computers often fail to correctly mention objects and actions appearing in the videos. This work aims to alleviate this problem by including external fine-grained visual information, which can be detected from all video frames, in the description generation model. In this paper, we propose an LSTM-based sequence-to-sequence model with semantic attention mechanism for video description generation. The model is flexible so that we can change the source of the external information without affecting the encoding and decoding parts of the model. The results show that using semantic attention to selectively focus on external fine-grained visual information can guide the system to correctly mention objects and actions in videos and have a better quality of video descriptions.
Topics Other, Natural Language Generation
Full paper Incorporating Semantic Attention in Video Description Generation
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