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Title Three Dimensions of Reproducibility in Natural Language Processing
Authors K. Bretonnel Cohen, Jingbo Xia, Pierre Zweigenbaum, Tiffany Callahan, Orin Hargraves, Foster Goss, Nancy Ide, Aurélie Névéol, Cyril Grouin and Lawrence E. Hunter
Abstract Despite considerable recent attention to problems with reproducibility of scientific research, there is a striking lack of agreement about the definition of the term. That is a problem, because the lack of a consensus definition makes it difficult to compare studies of reproducibility, and thus to have even a broad overview of the state of the issue in natural language processing. This paper proposes an ontology of reproducibility in that field. Its goal is to enhance both future research and communication about the topic, and retrospective meta-analyses. We show that three dimensions of reproducibility, corresponding to three kinds of claims in natural language processing papers, can account for a variety of types of research reports. These dimensions are reproducibility of a conclusion, of a finding, and of a value. Three biomedical natural language processing papers by the authors of this paper are analyzed with respect to these dimensions.
Topics Evaluation Methodologies, Text Mining, Other
Full paper Three Dimensions of Reproducibility in Natural Language Processing
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