Summary of the paper

Title Bootstrapping Polar-Opposite Emotion Dimensions from Online Reviews
Authors Luwen Huangfu and Mihai Surdeanu
Abstract We propose a novel bootstrapping approach for the acquisition of lexicons from unannotated, informal online texts (in our case, Yelp reviews) for polar-opposite emotion dimension values from the Ortony/Clore/Collins model of emotions (e.g., desirable/undesirable). Our approach mitigates the intrinsic problem of limited supervision in bootstrapping with an effective strategy that softly labels unlabeled terms, which are then used to better estimate the quality of extraction patterns. Further, we propose multiple solutions to control for semantic drift by taking advantage of the polarity of the categories to be learned (e.g., praiseworthy vs. blameworthy). Experimental results demonstrate that our algorithm achieves considerably better performance than several baselines.
Topics Opinion Mining / Sentiment Analysis, Text Mining, Information Extraction, Information Retrieval
Full paper Bootstrapping Polar-Opposite Emotion Dimensions from Online Reviews
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