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Title Indra: A Word Embedding and Semantic Relatedness Server
Authors Juliano Efson Sales, Leonardo Souza, Siamak Barzegar, Brian Davis, André Freitas and Siegfried Handschuh
Abstract In recent years word embedding/distributional semantic models evolved to become a fundamental component in many natural language processing (NLP) architectures due to their ability of capturing and quantifying semantic associations at scale. Word embedding models can be used to satisfy recurrent tasks in NLP such as lexical and semantic generalisation in machine learning tasks, finding similar or related words and computing semantic relatedness of terms. However, building and consuming specific word embedding models require the setting of a large set of configurations, such as corpus-dependant parameters, distance measures as well as compositional models. Despite their increasing relevance as a component in NLP architectures, existing frameworks provide limited options in their ability to systematically build, parametrise, compare and evaluate different models. To answer this demand, this paper describes INDRA , a multi-lingual word embedding/distributional semantics framework which supports the creation, use and evaluation of word embedding models. In addition to the tool, INDRA also shares more than 65 pre-computed models in 14 languages.
Topics Tools, Systems, Applications, Semantics, Lr Infrastructures And Architectures
Full paper Indra: A Word Embedding and Semantic Relatedness Server
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