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Title Parser combinators for Tigrinya and Oromo morphology
Authors Patrick Littell, Tom McCoy, Na-Rae Han, Shruti Rijhwani, Zaid Sheikh, David R. Mortensen, Teruko Mitamura and Lori Levin
Abstract We present rule-based morphological parsers in the Tigrinya and Oromo languages, based on a parser-combinator rather than finite-state paradigm. This paradigm allows rapid development and ease of integration with other systems, although at the cost of non-optimal theoretical efficiency. These parsers produce multiple output representations simultaneously, including lemmatization, morphological segmentation, and an English word-for-word gloss, and we evaluate these representations as input for entity detection and linking and humanitarian need detection.
Topics Morphology, Other
Full paper Parser combinators for Tigrinya and Oromo morphology
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