Summary of the paper

Title Multimodal Lexical Translation
Authors Chiraag Lala and Lucia Specia
Abstract Inspired by the tasks of Multimodal Machine Translation and Visual Sense Disambiguation we introduce a task called Multimodal Lexical Translation (MLT). The aim of this new task is to correctly translate an ambiguous word given its context - an image and a sentence in the source language. To facilitate the task, we introduce the MLT dataset, where each data point is a 4-tuple consisting of an ambiguous source word, its visual context (an image), its textual context (a source sentence), and its translation that conforms with the visual and textual contexts. The dataset has been created from the Multi30K corpus using word-alignment followed by human inspection for translations from English to German and English to French. We also introduce a simple heuristic to quantify the extent of the ambiguity of a word from the distribution of its translations and use it to select subsets of the MLT Dataset which are difficult to translate. These form a valuable multimodal and multilingual language resource with several potential uses including evaluation of lexical disambiguation within (Multimodal) Machine Translation systems.
Topics Word Sense Disambiguation, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Machine Translation, Speechtospeech Translation
Full paper Multimodal Lexical Translation
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