Summary of the paper

Title Simplified Corpus with Core Vocabulary
Authors Takumi Maruyama and Kazuhide Yamamoto
Abstract We have constructed the simplified corpus for the Japanese language and selected the core vocabulary. The corpus has 50,000 manually simplified and aligned sentences. This corpus contains the original sentences, simplified sentences and English translation of the original sentences. It can be used for automatic text simplification as well as translating simple Japanese into English and vice-versa. The core vocabulary is restricted to 2,000 words where it is selected by accounting for several factors such as meaning preservation, variation, simplicity and the UniDic word segmentation criterion. We repeated the construction of the simplified corpus and, subsequently, updated the core vocabulary accordingly. As a result, despite vocabulary restrictions, our corpus achieved high quality in grammaticality and meaning preservation. In addition to representing a wide range of expressions, the core vocabulary's limited number helped in showing similarities of expressions among simplified sentences. We believe that the same quality can be obtained by extending this corpus.
Topics Controlled Languages, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Lexicon, Lexical Database
Full paper Simplified Corpus with Core Vocabulary
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