Summary of the paper

Title All-words Word Sense Disambiguation Using Concept Embeddings
Authors Rui Suzuki, Kanako Komiya, Masayuki Asahara, Minoru Sasaki and Hiroyuki Shinnou
Abstract All-words word sense disambiguation (all-words WSD) is the task of identifying the senses of all words in a document. Since the sense of a word depends on the context, such as the surrounding words, similar words are believed to have similar sets of surrounding words. We therefore predict the target word senses by calculating the distances between the surrounding word vectors of the target words and their synonyms using word embeddings. In addition, we introduce the new idea of concept embeddings, constructed from concept tag sequences created from the results of previous prediction steps. We predict the target word senses using the distances between surrounding word vectors constructed from word and concept embeddings, via a bootstrapped iterative process. Experimental results show that these concept embeddings were able to improve the performance of Japanese all-words WSD.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, Etc.), Statistical And Machine Learning Methods, Word Sense Disambiguation
Full paper All-words Word Sense Disambiguation Using Concept Embeddings
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