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Title Latin Vallex. A Treebank-based Semantic Valency Lexicon for Latin
Authors Marco Passarotti, Berta González Saavedra and Christophe Onambele
Abstract Despite a centuries-long tradition in lexicography, Latin lacks state-of-the-art computational lexical resources. This situation is strictly related to the still quite limited amount of linguistically annotated textual data for Latin, which can help the building of new lexical resources by supporting them with empirical evidence. However, projects for creating new language resources for Latin have been launched over the last decade to fill this gap. In this paper, we present Latin Vallex, a valency lexicon for Latin built in mutual connection with the semantic and pragmatic annotation of two Latin treebanks featuring texts of different eras. On the one hand, such a connection between the empirical evidence provided by the treebanks and the lexicon allows to enhance each frame entry in the lexicon with its frequency in real data. On the other hand, each valency-capable word in the treebanks is linked to a frame entry in the lexicon.
Topics Lexicon, Lexical Database, Semantics, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.)
Full paper Latin Vallex. A Treebank-based Semantic Valency Lexicon for Latin
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