Summary of the paper

Title Towards producing bilingual lexica from monolingual corpora
Authors Jingyi Han and Núria Bel
Abstract Bilingual lexica are the basis for many cross-lingual natural language processing tasks. Recent works have shown success in learning bilingual dictionary by taking advantages of comparable corpora and a diverse set of signals derived from monolingual corpora. In the present work, we describe an approach to automatically learn bilingual lexica by training a supervised classifier using word embedding-based vectors of only a few hundred translation equivalent word pairs. The word embedding representations of translation pairs were obtained from source and target monolingual corpora, which are not necessarily related. Our classifier is able to predict whether a new word pair is under a translation relation or not. We tested it on two quite distinct language pairs Chinese-Spanish and English-Spanish. The classifiers achieved more than 0.90 precision and recall for both language pairs in different evaluation scenarios. These results show a high potential for this method to be used in bilingual lexica production for language pairs with reduced amount of parallel or comparable corpora, in particular for phrase table expansion in Statistical Machine Translation systems.
Topics Machine Translation, SpeechToSpeech Translation, Multilinguality, Natural Language Generation
Full paper Towards producing bilingual lexica from monolingual corpora
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