Summary of the paper

Title Czech Legal Text Treebank 1.0
Authors Vincent Kríž, Barbora Hladka and Zdenka Uresova
Abstract We introduce a new member of the family of Prague dependency treebanks. The Czech Legal Text Treebank 1.0 is a morphologically and syntactically annotated corpus of 1,128 sentences. The treebank contains texts from the legal domain, namely the documents from the Collection of Laws of the Czech Republic. Legal texts differ from other domains in several language phenomena influenced by rather high frequency of very long sentences. A manual annotation of such sentences presents a new challenge. We describe a strategy and tools for this task. The resulting treebank can be explored in various ways. It can be downloaded from the LINDAT/CLARIN repository and viewed locally using the TrEd editor or it can be accessed on-line using the KonText and TreeQuery tools.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Parsing, Tools, Systems, Applications
Full paper Czech Legal Text Treebank 1.0
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