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Title Cohere: A Toolkit for Local Coherence
Authors Karin Sim Smith, Wilker Aziz and Lucia Specia
Abstract We describe COHERE, our coherence toolkit which incorporates various complementary models for capturing and measuring different aspects of text coherence. In addition to the traditional entity grid model (Lapata, 2005) and graph-based metric (Guinaudeau and Strube, 2013), we provide an implementation of a state-of-the-art syntax-based model (Louis and Nenkova, 2012), as well as an adaptation of this model which shows significant performance improvements in our experiments. We benchmark these models using the standard setting for text coherence: original documents and versions of the document with sentences in shuffled order.
Topics Document Classification, Text categorisation, Discourse Annotation, Representation and Processing, Cognitive Methods
Full paper Cohere: A Toolkit for Local Coherence
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