Summary of the paper

Title Graphical Annotation for Syntax-Semantics Mapping
Authors Koiti Hasida
Abstract A potential work item (PWI) for ISO standard (MAP) about linguistic annotation concerning syntax-semantics mapping is discussed. MAP is a framework for graphical linguistic annotation to specify a mapping (set of combinations) between possible syntactic and semantic structures of the annotated linguistic data. Just like a UML diagram, a MAP diagram is formal, in the sense that it accurately specifies such a mapping. MAP provides a diagrammatic sort of concrete syntax for linguistic annotation far easier to understand than textual concrete syntax such as in XML, so that it could better facilitate collaborations among people involved in research, standardization, and practical use of linguistic data. MAP deals with syntactic structures including dependencies, coordinations, ellipses, transsentential constructions, and so on. Semantic structures treated by MAP are argument structures, scopes, coreferences, anaphora, discourse relations, dialogue acts, and so forth. In order to simplify explicit annotations, MAP allows partial descriptions, and assumes a few general rules on correspondence between syntactic and semantic compositions.
Topics Standards for LRs, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), LR National/International Projects, Infrastructural/Policy issues
Full paper Graphical Annotation for Syntax-Semantics Mapping
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