Summary of the paper

Title A Corpus of Native, Non-native and Translated Texts
Authors Sergiu Nisioi, Ella Rabinovich, Liviu P. Dinu and Shuly Wintner
Abstract We describe a monolingual English corpus of original and (human) translated texts, with an accurate annotation of speaker properties, including the original language of the utterances and the speaker's country of origin. We thus obtain three sub-corpora of texts reflecting native English, non-native English, and English translated from a variety of European languages. This dataset will facilitate the investigation of similarities and differences between these kinds of sub-languages. Moreover, it will facilitate a unified comparative study of translations and language produced by (highly fluent) non-native speakers, two closely-related phenomena that have only been studied in isolation so far.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Acquisition, Document Classification, Text categorisation
Full paper A Corpus of Native, Non-native and Translated Texts
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