Summary of the paper

Title Exploiting Arabic Diacritization for High Quality Automatic Annotation
Authors Nizar Habash, Anas Shahrour and Muhamed Al-Khalil
Abstract We present a novel technique for Arabic morphological annotation. The technique utilizes diacritization to produce morphological annotations of quality comparable to human annotators. Although Arabic text is generally written without diacritics, diacritization is already available for large corpora of Arabic text in several genres. Furthermore, diacritization can be generated at a low cost for new text as it does not require specialized training beyond what educated Arabic typists know. The basic approach is to enrich the input to a state-of-the-art Arabic morphological analyzer with word diacritics (full or partial) to enhance its performance. When applied to fully diacritized text, our approach produces annotations with an accuracy of over 97% on lemma, part-of-speech, and tokenization combined.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Morphology, Part-of-Speech Tagging
Full paper Exploiting Arabic Diacritization for High Quality Automatic Annotation
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