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Title Towards a Language Service Infrastructure for Mobile Environments
Authors Ngoc Nguyen, Donghui Lin, Takao Nakaguchi and Toru Ishida
Abstract Since mobile devices have feature-rich configurations and provide diverse functions, the use of mobile devices combined with the language resources of cloud environments is high promising for achieving a wide range communication that goes beyond the current language barrier. However, there are mismatches between using resources of mobile devices and services in the cloud such as the different communication protocol and different input and output methods. In this paper, we propose a language service infrastructure for mobile environments to combine these services. The proposed language service infrastructure allows users to use and mashup existing language resources on both cloud environments and their mobile devices. Furthermore, it allows users to flexibly use services in the cloud or services on mobile devices in their composite service without implementing several different composite services that have the same functionality. A case study of Mobile Shopping Translation System using both a service in the cloud (translation service) and services on mobile devices (Bluetooth low energy (BLE) service and text-to-speech service) is introduced.
Topics LR Infrastructures and Architectures, Web Services, Tools, Systems, Applications
Full paper Towards a Language Service Infrastructure for Mobile Environments
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