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Title Coreference Annotation Scheme and Relation Types for Hindi
Authors Vandan Mujadia, Palash Gupta and Dipti Misra Sharma
Abstract "This paper describes a coreference annotation scheme, coreference annotation specific issues and their solutions through our proposed annotation scheme for Hindi. We introduce different co-reference relation types between continuous mentions of the same coreference chain such as ""Part-of"", ""Function-value pair"" etc. We used Jaccard similarity based Krippendorff`s' alpha to demonstrate consistency in annotation scheme, annotation and corpora. To ease the coreference annotation process, we built a semi-automatic Coreference Annotation Tool (CAT). We also provide statistics of coreference annotation on Hindi Dependency Treebank (HDTB)."
Topics Anaphora, Coreference, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Discourse Annotation, Representation and Processing
Full paper Coreference Annotation Scheme and Relation Types for Hindi
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