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Title French Learners Audio Corpus of German Speech (FLACGS)
Authors Jane Wottawa and Martine Adda-Decker
Abstract The French Learners Audio Corpus of German Speech (FLACGS) was created to compare German speech production of German native speakers (GG) and French learners of German (FG) across three speech production tasks of increasing production complexity: repetition, reading and picture description. 40 speakers, 20 GG and 20 FG performed each of the three tasks, which in total leads to approximately 7h of speech. The corpus was manually transcribed and automatically aligned. Analysis that can be performed on this type of corpus are for instance segmental differences in the speech production of L2 learners compared to native speakers. We chose the realization of the velar nasal consonant engma. In spoken French, engma does not appear in a VCV context which leads to production difficulties in FG. With increasing speech production complexity (reading and picture description), engma is realized as engma + plosive by FG in over 50% of the cases. The results of a two way ANOVA with unequal sample sizes on the durations of the different realizations of engma indicate that duration is a reliable factor to distinguish between engma and engma + plosive in FG productions compared to the engma productions in GG in a VCV context. The FLACGS corpus allows to study L2 production and perception.
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Full paper French Learners Audio Corpus of German Speech (FLACGS)
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