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Title A Large Scale Corpus of Gulf Arabic
Authors Salam Khalifa, Nizar Habash, Dana Abdulrahim and Sara Hassan
Abstract Most Arabic natural language processing tools and resources are developed to serve Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is the official written language in the Arab World. Some Dialectal Arabic varieties, notably Egyptian Arabic, have received some attention lately and have a growing collection of resources that include annotated corpora and morphological analyzers and taggers. Gulf Arabic, however, lags behind in that respect. In this paper, we present the Gumar Corpus, a large-scale corpus of Gulf Arabic consisting of 110 million words from 1,200 forum novels. We annotate the corpus for sub-dialect information at the document level. We also present results of a preliminary study in the morphological annotation of Gulf Arabic which includes developing guidelines for a conventional orthography. The text of the corpus is publicly browsable through a web interface we developed for it.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Morphology, Part-of-Speech Tagging
Full paper A Large Scale Corpus of Gulf Arabic
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