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Title Recent Advances in Development of a Lexicon-Grammar of Polish: PolNet 3.0
Authors Zygmunt Vetulani, Grażyna Vetulani and Bartłomiej Kochanowski
Abstract The granularity of PolNet (Polish Wordnet) is the main theoretical issue discussed in the paper. We describe the latest extension of PolNet including valency information of simple verbs and noun-verb collocations using manual and machine-assisted methods. Valency is defined to include both semantic and syntactic selectional restrictions. We assume the valency structure of a verb to be an index of meaning. Consistently we consider it an attribute of a synset. Strict application of this principle results in fine granularity of the verb section of the wordnet. Considering valency as a distinctive feature of synsets was an essential step to transform the initial PolNet (first intended as a lexical ontology) into a lexicon-grammar. For the present refinement of PolNet we assume that the category of language register is a part of meaning. The totality of PolNet 2.0 synsets is being revised in order to split the PolNet 2.0 synsets that contain different register words into register-uniform sub-synsets. We completed this operation for synsets that were used as values of semantic roles. The operation augmented the number of considered synsets by 29%. In the paper we report an extension of the class of collocation-based verb synsets.
Topics Lexicon, Lexical Database, Grammar and Syntax, MultiWord Expressions & Collocations
Full paper Recent Advances in Development of a Lexicon-Grammar of Polish: PolNet 3.0
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