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Title Building Evaluation Datasets for Consumer-Oriented Information Retrieval
Authors Lorraine Goeuriot, Liadh Kelly, Guido Zuccon and Joao Palotti
Abstract Common people often experience difficulties in accessing relevant, correct, accurate and understandable health information online. Developing search techniques that aid these information needs is challenging. In this paper we present the datasets created by CLEF eHealth Lab from 2013-2015 for evaluation of search solutions to support common people finding health information online. Specifically, the CLEF eHealth information retrieval (IR) task of this Lab has provided the research community with benchmarks for evaluating consumer-centered health information retrieval, thus fostering research and development aimed to address this challenging problem. Given consumer queries, the goal of the task is to retrieve relevant documents from the provided collection of web pages. The shared datasets provide a large health web crawl, queries representing people’s real world information needs, and relevance assessment judgements for the queries.
Topics Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Collaborative Resource Construction
Full paper Building Evaluation Datasets for Consumer-Oriented Information Retrieval
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