Summary of the paper

Title EVALution-MAN: A Chinese Dataset for the Training and Evaluation of DSMs
Authors Liu Hongchao, Karl Neergaard, Enrico Santus and Chu-Ren Huang
Abstract Distributional semantic models (DSMs) are currently being used in the measurement of word relatedness and word similarity. One shortcoming of DSMs is that they do not provide a principled way to discriminate different semantic relations. Several approaches have been adopted that rely on annotated data either in the training of the model or later in its evaluation. In this paper, we introduce a dataset for training and evaluating DSMs on semantic relations discrimination between words, in Mandarin, Chinese. The construction of the dataset followed EVALution 1.0, which is an English dataset for the training and evaluating of DSMs. The dataset contains 360 relation pairs, distributed in five different semantic relations, including antonymy, synonymy, hypernymy, meronymy and nearsynonymy. All relation pairs were checked manually to estimate their quality. In the 360 word relation pairs, there are 373 relata. They were all extracted and subsequently manually tagged according to their semantic type. The relatas’ frequency was calculated in a combined corpus of Sinica and Chinese Gigaword. To the best of our knowledge, EVALution-MAN is the first of its kind for Mandarin, Chinese.
Topics Knowledge Discovery/Representation, Semantics, Evaluation Methodologies
Full paper EVALution-MAN: A Chinese Dataset for the Training and Evaluation of DSMs
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