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Title AppDialogue: Multi-App Dialogues for Intelligent Assistants
Authors Ming Sun, Yun-Nung Chen, Zhenhao Hua, Yulian Tamres-Rudnicky, Arnab Dash and Alexander Rudnicky
Abstract Users will interact with an individual app on smart devices (e.g., phone, TV, car) to fulfill a specific goal (e.g. find a photographer), but users may also pursue more complex tasks that will span multiple domains and apps (e.g. plan a wedding ceremony). Planning and executing such multi-app tasks are typically managed by users, considering the required global context awareness. To investigate how users arrange domains/apps to fulfill complex tasks in their daily life, we conducted a user study on 14 participants to collect such data from their Android smart phones. This document 1) summarizes the techniques used in the data collection and 2) provides a brief statistical description of the data. This data guilds the future direction for researchers in the fields of conversational agent and personal assistant, etc. This data is available at
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Dialogue, Speech Recognition/Understanding
Full paper AppDialogue: Multi-App Dialogues for Intelligent Assistants
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