Summary of the paper

Title CirdoX: an on/off-line multisource speech and sound analysis software
Authors Frédéric Aman, Michel Vacher, François Portet, William Duclot and Benjamin Lecouteux
Abstract Vocal User Interfaces in domestic environments recently gained interest in the speech processing community. This interest is due to the opportunity of using it in the framework of Ambient Assisted Living both for home automation (vocal command) and for call for help in case of distress situations, i.e. after a fall. C IRDO X, which is a modular software, is able to analyse online the audio environment in a home, to extract the uttered sentences and then to process them thanks to an ASR module. Moreover, this system perfoms non-speech audio event classification; in this case, specific models must be trained. The software is designed to be modular and to process on-line the audio multichannel stream. Some exemples of studies in which C IRDO X was involved are described. They were operated in real environment, namely a Living lab environment.
Topics Tools, Systems, Applications, Acquisition, Voice Command and Control
Full paper CirdoX: an on/off-line multisource speech and sound analysis software
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