Summary of the paper

Title Acquiring Opposition Relations among Italian Verb Senses using Crowdsourcing
Authors Anna Feltracco, Simone Magnolini, Elisabetta Jezek and Bernardo Magnini
Abstract We describe an experiment for the acquisition of opposition relations among Italian verb senses, based on a crowdsourcing methodology. The goal of the experiment is to discuss whether the types of opposition we distinguish (i.e. complementarity, antonymy, converseness and reversiveness) are actually perceived by the crowd. In particular, we collect data for Italian by using the crowdsourcing platform CrowdFlower. We ask annotators to judge the type of opposition existing among pairs of sentences -previously judged as opposite- that differ only for a verb: the verb in the first sentence is opposite of the verb in second sentence. Data corroborate the hypothesis that some opposition relations exclude each other, while others interact, being recognized as compatible by the contributors.
Topics Crowdsourcing, Acquisition, Other
Full paper Acquiring Opposition Relations among Italian Verb Senses using Crowdsourcing
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