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Title BAS Speech Science Web Services - an Update of Current Developments
Authors Thomas Kisler, Uwe Reichel, Florian Schiel, Christoph Draxler, Bernhard Jackl and Nina Pörner
Abstract In 2012 the Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals started providing some of its tools from the field of spoken language in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS). This means users access the processing functionality over a web browser and therefore do not have to install complex software packages on a local computer. Amongst others, these tools include segmentation & labeling, grapheme-to-phoneme conversion, text alignment, syllabification and metadata generation, where all but the last are available for a variety of languages. Since its creation the number of available services and the web interface have changed considerably. We give an overview and a detailed description of the system architecture, the available web services and their functionality. Furthermore, we show how the number of files processed over the system developed in the last four years.
Topics Web Services, Tools, Systems, Applications, Usability, User Satisfaction
Full paper BAS Speech Science Web Services - an Update of Current Developments
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