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Title Guidelines and Framework for a Large Scale Arabic Diacritized Corpus
Authors Wajdi Zaghouani, Houda Bouamor, Abdelati Hawwari, Mona Diab, Ossama Obeid, Mahmoud Ghoneim, Sawsan Alqahtani and Kemal Oflazer
Abstract This paper presents the annotation guidelines developed as part of an effort to create a large scale manually diacritized corpus for various Arabic text genres. The target size of the annotated corpus is 2 million words. We summarize the guidelines and describe issues encountered during the training of the annotators. We also discuss the challenges posed by the complexity of the Arabic language and how they are addressed. Finally, we present the diacritization annotation procedure and detail the quality of the resulting annotations.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Tools, Systems, Applications, Evaluation Methodologies
Full paper Guidelines and Framework for a Large Scale Arabic Diacritized Corpus
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