Summary of the paper

Title Can Topic Modelling benefit from Word Sense Information?
Authors Adriana Ferrugento, Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira, Ana Alves and Filipe Rodrigues
Abstract This paper proposes a new topic model that exploits word sense information in order to discover less redundant and more informative topics. Word sense information is obtained from WordNet and the discovered topics are groups of synsets, instead of mere surface words. A key feature is that all the known senses of a word are considered, with their probabilities. Alternative configurations of the model are described and compared to each other and to LDA, the most popular topic model. However, the obtained results suggest that there are no benefits of enriching LDA with word sense information.
Topics Topic Detection & Tracking, Semantics, Word Sense Disambiguation
Full paper Can Topic Modelling benefit from Word Sense Information?
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