Summary of the paper

Title DART: a Dataset of Arguments and their Relations on Twitter
Authors Tom Bosc, Elena Cabrio and Serena Villata
Abstract The problem of understanding the stream of messages exchanged on social media such as Facebook and Twitter is becoming a major challenge for automated systems. The tremendous amount of data exchanged on these platforms as well as the specific form of language adopted by social media users constitute a new challenging context for existing argument mining techniques. In this paper, we describe a resource of natural language arguments called DART (Dataset of Arguments and their Relations on Twitter) where the complete argument mining pipeline over Twitter messages is considered: (i) we identify which tweets can be considered as arguments and which cannot, and (ii) we identify what is the relation, i.e., support or attack, linking such tweets to each other.
Topics Semantics, Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Social Media Processing
Full paper DART: a Dataset of Arguments and their Relations on Twitter
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