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Title FREME: Multilingual Semantic Enrichment with Linked Data and Language Technologies
Authors Milan Dojchinovski, Felix Sasaki, Tatjana Gornostaja, Sebastian Hellmann, Erik Mannens, Frank Salliau, Michele Osella, Phil Ritchie, Giannis Stoitsis, Kevin Koidl, Markus Ackermann and Nilesh Chakraborty
Abstract In the recent years, Linked Data and Language Technology solutions gained popularity. Nevertheless, their coupling in real-world business is limited due to several issues. Existing products and services are developed for a particular domain, can be used only in combination with already integrated datasets or their language coverage is limited. In this paper, we present an innovative solution FREME - an open framework of e-Services for multilingual and semantic enrichment of digital content. The framework integrates six interoperable e-Services. We describe the core features of each e-Service and illustrate their usage in the context of four business cases: i) authoring and publishing; ii) translation and localisation; iii) cross-lingual access to data; and iv) personalised Web content recommendations. Business cases drive the design and development of the framework.
Topics Multilinguality, Tools, Systems, Applications, Web Services
Full paper FREME: Multilingual Semantic Enrichment with Linked Data and Language Technologies
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