Summary of the paper

Title Crosswalking from CMDI to Dublin Core and MARC 21
Authors Claus Zinn, Thorsten Trippel, Steve Kaminski and Emanuel Dima
Abstract The Component MetaData Infrastructure (CMDI) is a framework for the creation and usage of metadata formats to describe all kinds of resources in the CLARIN world. To better connect to the library world, and to allow librarians to enter metadata for linguistic resources into their catalogues, a crosswalk from CMDI-based formats to bibliographic standards is required. The general and rather fluid nature of CMDI, however, makes it hard to map arbitrary CMDI schemas to metadata standards such as Dublin Core (DC) or MARC 21, which have a mature, well-defined and fixed set of field descriptors. In this paper, we address the issue and propose crosswalks between CMDI-based profiles originating from the NaLiDa project and DC and MARC 21, respectively.
Topics Metadata, LR Infrastructures and Architectures, Linked Data
Full paper Crosswalking from CMDI to Dublin Core and MARC 21
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