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Title Finding Recurrent Features of Image Schema Gestures: the FIGURE corpus
Authors Andy Luecking, Alexander Mehler, Désirée Walther, Marcel Mauri and Dennis Kurfürst
Abstract The Frankfurt Image GestURE corpus (FIGURE) is introduced. The corpus data is collected in an experimental setting where 50 naive participants spontaneously produced gestures in response to five to six terms from a total of 27 stimulus terms. The stimulus terms have been compiled mainly from image schemata from psycholinguistics, since such schemata provide a panoply of abstract contents derived from natural language use. The gestures have been annotated for kinetic features. FIGURE aims at finding (sets of) stable kinetic feature configurations associated with the stimulus terms. Given such configurations, they can be used for designing HCI gestures that go beyond pre-defined gesture vocabularies or touchpad gestures. It is found, for instance, that movement trajectories are far more informative than handshapes, speaking against purely handshape-based HCI vocabularies. Furthermore, the mean temporal duration of hand and arm movements associated vary with the stimulus terms, indicating a dynamic dimension not covered by vocabulary-based approaches. Descriptive results are presented and related to findings from gesture studies and natural language dialogue.
Topics Corpus (Creation, Annotation, etc.), Sign Language Recognition/Generation, Cognitive Methods
Full paper Finding Recurrent Features of Image Schema Gestures: the FIGURE corpus
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