Summary of the paper

Title Evaluating the Impact of Light Post-Editing on Usability
Authors Sheila Castilho and Sharon O'Brien
Abstract This paper discusses a methodology to measure the usability of machine translated content by end users, comparing lightly post-edited content with raw output and with the usability of source language content. The content selected consists of Online Help articles from a software company for a spreadsheet application, translated from English into German. Three groups of five users each used either the source text - the English version (EN) -, the raw MT version (DE_MT), or the light PE version (DE_PE), and were asked to carry out six tasks. Usability was measured using an eye tracker and cognitive, temporal and pragmatic measures of usability. Satisfaction was measured via a post-task questionnaire presented after the participants had completed the tasks.
Topics Usability, User Satisfaction, Evaluation Methodologies, Machine Translation, SpeechToSpeech Translation
Full paper Evaluating the Impact of Light Post-Editing on Usability
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