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Title Accessing and Elaborating Walenty—a Valence Dictionary of Polish—via Internet Browser
Authors Bartłomiej Nitoń, Tomasz Bartosiak and Elżbieta Hajnicz
Abstract This article presents Walenty - a new valence dictionary of Polish predicates, concentrating on its creation process and access via Internet browser. The dictionary contains two layers, syntactic and semantic. The syntactic layer describes syntactic and morphosyntactic constraints predicates put on their dependants. The semantic layer shows how predicates and their arguments are involved in a situation described in an utterance. These two layers are connected, representing how semantic arguments can be realised on the surface. Walenty also contains a powerful phraseological (idiomatic) component. Walenty has been created and can be accessed remotely with a dedicated tool called Slowal. In this article, we focus on most important functionalities of this system. First, we will depict how to access the dictionary and how built-in filtering system (covering both syntactic and semantic phenomena) works. Later, we will describe the process of creating dictionary by Slowal tool that both supports and controls the work of lexicographers.
Topics Web Services, Lexicon, Lexical Database, Tools, Systems, Applications
Full paper Accessing and Elaborating Walenty—a Valence Dictionary of Polish—via Internet Browser
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