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Title Challenges of Adjective Mapping between plWordNet and Princeton WordNet
Authors Ewa Rudnicka, Wojciech Witkowski and Katarzyna Podlaska
Abstract The paper presents the strategy and results of mapping adjective synsets between plWordNet (the wordnet of Polish, cf. Piasecki et al. 2009, Maziarz et al. 2013) and Princeton WordNet (cf. Fellbaum 1998). The main challenge of this enterprise has been very different synset relation structures in the two networks: horizontal, dumbbell-model based in PWN and vertical, hyponymy-based in plWN. Moreover, the two wordnets display differences in the grouping of adjectives into semantic domains and in the size of the adjective category. The handle the above contrasts, a series of automatic prompt algorithms and a manual mapping procedure relying on corresponding synset and lexical unit relations as well as on inter-lingual relations between noun synsets were proposed in the pilot stage of mapping (Rudnicka et al. 2015). In the paper we discuss the final results of the mapping process as well as explain example mapping choices. Suggestions for further development of mapping are also given.
Topics Lexicon, Lexical Database, Linked Data, Multilinguality
Full paper Challenges of Adjective Mapping between plWordNet and Princeton WordNet
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